Barista goes Wi-Fi


Exclusive: Some of you followed my adventures in India where I lamented the lack of broadband and of course lack of good coffee. Well looks like I might not have to worry too much about that. Barista Coffee Company, (largest coffee shop chain in India, second largest in the world after Starbucks) is installing Wi-Fi in every shop as we speak and by end of the year would have it rolled out in nearly 110 coffee bars. So far 25 bars have been “hot spotted.” Internet access is coming from Dishnet, which is part of the Tata Telecom group now. I am amazed at this because the Indian Government has been wavering over its decision about legality of Wi-Fi for a while. Apparently, it is legal to have Wi-Fi in a “campus” type situation, but not in any other situation. I don’t have more details as yet, but I am pretty sure this is going to prove to be a hit, at least with the increasing number of geeks, and visitors like me.

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