Republicans get (more) teleco dollars


Ever since I posted the little piece about Verizon building a massive infrastructure for the Republican National Congress, I have been thinking about the whole contribution business. Today, I finally got a handle on everything. According to, Republicans get a disproportionate amount of contributions from the telecom industry. Of the total $6.65 million in contributions, nearly 62% has gone to the GOP, while Dems got 38%. The biggest supports of GoP are Bells. SBC gave 67% of its dollars to GoP while Verizon and BellSouth kicked in withy 62% and 59% of their total contributions . BellSouth’s contributions were nearly $1.12 million, twice the $551,000 that AT&T kicked in. The way the numbers are laid out, it seems the telecom business doesn’t trust Democrats much. Not that I blame them. Look at the 1996 telecom act debacle. On the flipside, the recent regulations show that GoP can be, how shall I say politely, easily *managed.*



True…. but its was Genius Gore’s grand idea and anyway he could not push the complete bill through and compromised.

Action Jackson

Actually, Om, the 1996 telecom bill was passed by a Republican House and a barely Democratic Senate. And if I recall, it was sponsored by Larry Pressler (R-SD). It’s pretty safe to say it was the Republicans that drove that boat.

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