Nortel, Cisco join WiMAX forum


Update: The WiMAX madness continues! Today Nortel announced that it is joining the WiMAX Forum, a few days after news of Cisco joining the trade group. Intel says it has started making test versions of WiMAX chips, and is targeting a 2005 roll out. Intel Executive Vice-President Sean Maloney was speaking at the International Telecommunication Union conference in Busan, South Korea. He later told Bloomberg, “In another two years you are going to see WiMax used pretty heavily globally.” Maloney predicted that WiMax chips will be built into notebook computers starting in 2006 and handsets in 2007. Wanna Bet! Anyway expect more WiMAX hype this week at IDF.

Intel announced a new WiMAX chip called Rosedale. The Rosedale silicon will include a MAC and PHY, a security coprocessor and an Ethernet core, Intel said. It will be called the Intel ProWireless 5116 broadband interface.

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