A happy anniversary and best wishes to Bill Clinton

heart_logoNo doubt everyone has heard about former President Bill Clinton’s bypass surgery yesterday. Many people checked the news to hear how his surgery went and the aftermath about how close he came to a catastrophic heart attack. The news stories about Mr. Clinton’s health problem had particular significance for me. Yesterday, September 6, while Bill Clinton was undergoing his open heart surgery, I was quietly celebrating the third anniversary of my own coronary bypass. I’ve talked about it in from the heart and while it’s purely coincidental that I had my surgery on the same date as Mr. Clinton’s, the news coverage about his condition was a poignant reminder of how very fortunate I am to be here. I send my wishes to him and his family for a speedy and complete recovery. I don’t often see things the way he does but I know for a fact he’s not feeling very well today and if I could tell him anything it would be to hang in there as it will get better.I would like to thank my beautiful wife Sheri and my family for being there for me, and the team of doctors that stopped a life-threatening situation before it happened. And to Mr. Clinton I can assure you that from now on each year on September 6th you will do as I do and celebrate in a quiet fashion the anniversary of something that has given you a new lease on life.


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