Is their fiber in your future?

0 Comments has a nice round-up of the state of Fiber to the home in United States, including detailed look at the three different strategies large Bell companies are pursuing in their bid to compete with triple-play from cable companies. FTTH is part of Verizon’s plan, while BellSouth is planning on using fiber-to-the-curb, while SBC is going to go “fiber” only in new deployments and new developments. “The [incumbent carriers] realize that they have to become full-service communications companies. They’re playing catch-up with the cable operators now,” Yankee Group analyst Matt Davis told IDG. “I think they’re going to take it fairly slowly,” Yankee’s Davis said. “Those states that play ball with them on the regulatory side are going to be targeted first.” My two cents – the fiber deployment will be much slower than most people realize.

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