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Daily Music Wrap: Sept Week 1

Missed major part of last week….here’s the catchup.

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Mercora: The next Napster generation?: Mercora uses a radio approach and promises to be “legal”

Betting it all on Napster: Napster’s radical bet on digital music and the potentially conflicted relationship with Microsoft

MSN Music is off-key, Apple says: Its biggest problem may be that its downloaded songs can not play on the iPod…

What’s Wrong With Digital Music Stores?: Today’s online music stores still have significant problems…a fix-it wish list

Wal-Mart Anchors Windows Media Mall: Wal-Mart announced the launch of its new online music store within the Digital Media Mall in Windows Media Player 10.

Creative Technology Plans Global Ad Blitz on MP3s: (sub. req.): It will launch a global ad blitz in the run-up to the busy Christmas season, as it prepares to launch eight new lines of MP3 digital audio players by year end.

Apple & Cornell: 20 percent of Cornell’s students — most of them Mac users — will be unable to rent music on Napster

MSN Music Beta purchases on Pocket PCs work: Funky this…

Pop beats R&B to top of download chart: In UK’s first ever official download chart

Oxfam release online charity album for Sudan: All artists and record labels donating tracks are forgoing their royalties.

Large Webcaster Agree With SoundExchange: Proposing to renew the 2003-2004 webcasting royalty rates and terms for 2005-2006

Music Sales on the Web to Hit Jackpot In Europe: Song downloads in Western Europe will explode to a 3.5 billion euros a year market by 2009

Euro iTunes hits 5m: In 10 weeks…

MSN Starts MP3 Download Service In Korea

Korean Copyright Infringment Case Solved: Bugs Music and the Korean Association of Phonogram Producers reached an agreement on copyright infringements

Japanese iPod commercial