Wireless Switchers Strike


Bill Day points out that the wireless number switching seems to be picking up steam of late. This is not good news for the phone companies, and one can expect some serious realignment of market shares by the end of the year. Among other things:

  • There are approximately 168.5 million US wireless subscribers as of now
  • 5.4 million customers have switched since number portability rules went into effect in November 2003
  • More than 2.8 million of those switched from May to July 2004
  • 544,000 “cord cutters” moved their home or office landline phone number to their wireless phone since last November

Now why doesn’t this surprise me – we get our cool phones later than rest of the planet, our networks get an upgrade later than everyone else on the planet, so why don’t we catch on to the whole switching craze later than everyone else!

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