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SBC’s FTTH Baby Steps

SBC is taking baby steps towards a FTTH future, in a tiny community of Pabst Farms. Pabst Farms is a 1,500-acre residential and business development, and it is SBC’s first mass deployment of fiber-to-the-premise connections, according to published reports. A direct fiber connection means much greater efficiency than copper lines in offering a variety of very high-speed Internet services such as video-on-demand programming, online gaming, digital television and whatever services the technology allows for in the future, Paul La Schiazza, president of SBC Wisconsin told The Buisness Journal of Milwaukee. “Fiber is our future. It’s the direction this company is taking to satisfy our customers.” During the trials, that last until August 2005, all homeowners will receive free broadband access. Time Warner Cable is also eyeing the community and so are others. Worried about its future, incumbent cable provider, Charter Communications says, it would sell a triple play package – TV, phone and high-speed Internet services – at prices starting at $130 per month,