Liberated Games- free commercial games

I’m always searching the Web for cool stuff and ran across a neat web site that has obtained permission to release a bunch of commercial games for free. The web site is called Liberated Games, appropriately enough. All of the games you can download are several years old but many of them are well known names in gaming circles. I find these older games very appropriate to load on older laptops and even the Sony U-70 as their hardware requirements are often “easier” on the hardware. And the price is certainly right. The games have been released under several free licensing schemes and some of them even offer source code for budding game coders who can benefit from seeing how some popular games are coded.These are not the slouch games you might expect, no, you’ll find such big names as Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Beneath a Steel Sky, Doom, Doom 2, and Hidden and Dangerous, to name a few. The site has all of the licenses available for view for each game so you can be assured it’s a legal download and what your rights for use might be. Worth a free look. :)


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