Copernic Desktop Search


copernic_desktopI have over 3600 contacts in Outlook, thousands of photos and screen images, and gigabytes of files on my PC. Finding information in that mess has never been easy until now. Copernic Desktop Search is a free utility that indexes all the information on your PC so you can easily and instantly search for anything. You can find that lost little nugget of information in an instant. The initial indexing takes a while but once that’s done Copernic keeps everything indexed in the background and you never notice it’s there until you need it.You may remember that Copernic had a great internet search program long before Google became the premiere search tool and it worked very well. It’s obvious that Copernic took this same approach with the desktop search program and it’s highly recommended. The neat thing about the Desktop Search is the ability to narrow a search to a particular category, like Contacts, Pictures, etc. It also searches within documents, even PDF files, and gives you an instant preview so you can see if a file contains the information you are looking for. Well worth the download.



I have used lookout for a good while and I have to say I like Copernic better. The results are returned in a much easier to view format and Copernic will even display image thumbnails when you search for images. Lookout is very nice but for me Copernic gives the better utility.

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