09/01/2004 Random Bits


  • Qualcomm signed a multi-million dollar licensing and royalty agreement with a large Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, Amoi Mobile; another addition demonstrating how QCOM is becoming more and more like a CDMA royalty play er.
  • Nokia announces shipment of one millionth N-Gage unit. Plus there are rumors that Nokia is bringing out a Treo Killer. Amazing that there are signs of life in Nokia.
  • How to get RSS feeds on your Treo?
  • Broadband ain’t all that, says…well someone
  • Un-Friendster. Good lesson to not have some moron from NBC become the CEO, and create negative publicity.
  • NY Post is reporting that Verizon is close to selling its Canadian directory biz to Bain Capital for upwards of $1B; would be a nice chunk of change for the co., which we believe it could direct toward its growing wireless biz or FTTP initiative.
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