Triple Play RFP Rumors


My new favorite weblog, Technology Futurist is hinting at some triple play RFP rumors, including a FTH RFP from SBC Communications. The triple play (the bundling of of voice, video and data) is becoming a sine-qua-non piece of the carriers’ strategies (for both telcos and MSOs). In the U.S., this opportunity is generating quite a lot of business for telecom vendors. A few well-connected Wall Street analysts whom I know gave me a few hints last week about their best-guesses on some RFP outcomes for some RBOCs.”

Verizon has 3 RFPs currently planned: one for the set-top box, and two coming out in October (but the decision not to be taken until probably late in 2005) – one for a mini (small count) DSLAM and the other for the second FTTP vendor. AFC is expected to be the primary supplier in the mini-DSLAM contest, with Adtran being the secondary vendor. There are rumors that Alcatel and Motorola will be the top two contenders for a FTTP project.  Finally, on the set-top box RFP, there seems to be a consensus that Motorola is the favorite choice. Bell South’s top picks for the original FTTP RFP included AFC, Alcatel and Motorola.  However, there are rumors that Bell South will probably opt for FTTC or ADSL 2+ instead of FTTP. You can get the complete lowdown at TF.

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