Speech recognition on the Sony U-70


plantronics_dsp100I’ve just started experimenting with speech input on the Sony U-70. I ordered a Plantronics DSP100 from Amazon for $45. The DSP100 is a noise canceling USB microphone and headset that is optimized for speech recognition. Installing the DSP100 was as simple as loading the software and plugging in the headset. I am using the speech recognition built into the Tablet OS (SP2) and with just a little training I am getting around 90% accuracy. I expect that to go up to around 95% when I finish all the enrollment exercises and use it a while. The engine appears to be the IBM ViaVoice engine that’s been repackaged and rolled into the Tablet OS but I am not completely certain about that. It looks the same and the setup screens look like the ViaVoice ones.This is an exciting alternative to the keyboard and pen and I’m going to beat on it for a while to see how viable it is. Initial impression is very good indeed.

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