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hip-eRecognizing the influence teens have over the purchases that parents make on their behalf, an enterprising company has introduced the Hip-e computer. Sporting customizable color skins, the computer has a decent feature set. A 17″ LCD screen is coupled with a dock that includes a wireless keyboard and mouse, and the dock has slots to plug in the MP3 player and cell phone the company also offers. There’s an 8 in 1 card reader built into the dock and a DVD/CD combo drive included. It’s a little expensive at $1699 but it’s a one stop purchase for parents who want to give a “cool” computer to their child.Hip-e also has a notebook computer and matching electronic gizmos on their web site.



Why is the website not working i want to get all the details on it! Its so expensive my mom said that i can get one once it reached $1000! hurry up and lower the price!!!!!!!


i soo want one of these computers but there’s no way my parents would go for the idea. Besides the only thing i would want it for would be the mp3 player or the cell phone and they look cheap to me


Can you download online games on the hipe like the sims online or somthing?


Do you really think that it is worth that much? i would but one if it was maybe 1200 dollars at least


A lot of people are saying it’s too expensive. It is expensive, but what you are mostly paying for is the space saving design.


I think that the computer, cell phone, and all of the rest of the accessories are very good and affordable but they require a credit card to purchase and everyone does not have a credit card. Why do you need a credit card i mean damn they are going to get their money. The computer and cell hone are suppossed to be for kids and most kids don’t have a credit card so THINK ABOUT IT!!!


Pretty nice, 17in. Wide Screen view and yes it is expensive, but just liek any new product that comes out on market. Of course prices will drop, but you will have to wait until they are old news…


i really want to buy one but do you think it will work in england coz thats where i live??


i really want to buy one but do you think it will work in england coz thats where i live??


Lets just hope they market this one the right way. It could turn out to be a really great idea but unfortunately, a lot of great ideas didnt get off the launching pad because of people who critisized it without trying it(and then came the people who followed the critics blindly). I’m not gonna say much because I haven’t even done more than look at the darn thing, but i think if they want to make this thing get big they should talk about how flexible it is. Catherine mentioned its an “imac wannabe” and last time I checked, imacs were pretty darn flexible when it came to digital cameras, etc… Also, Imacs don’t really break that easily so lets hope if this is indeed an imac wannabe that it will atleast be durable…that might come in handy considering they’re trying to get parents to buy it for their kids.

colleen canty


hip-e seller

hi guys. U want it cheaper?
I’m selling them and i get a 700 dollar rebate for it on the actual product. All i did was email the ladies name on the site and i got an mp3 thats compatable with comp. Pretty cool huh?
theres ur discount if ur that interested as i was


I wish i had 2,000 dollers!!i want on eof those computers sooo badly has one cuz shes all rich and stuff,and its like the nicest thing i have ever seen!!!!!its like all decked out.shes has everythign to go with it and its SWEET!!it goes sooooo fast and ughh…they should lower the prices!!!


i think the computer with all the stuff will add up to around 2000 bucks i wish i could find the web site


I understand that this computer has alot of stuff to it,but all that money we have to pay and half that stuff dont even come with the computer. I was brought up to know money dont grow on trees. After i buy the computer im not going to be able too aford any of the material that makes the computer cool. This is crazy.


The hip-e looks like a wannabe imac to me! It is a really neat idea and a fairly good computer, judging from the specs. But, it has a glossy screen, and seems cheaply made. I think it would be cool to try out, but I am sure it is another fad. It will die out before it gets too prosperous. Plus, the only people who can talk to each other on the cell phones will be people will the reach me phones. It does not have a service provider such as sprint or cingular etc., or at leat i did not see one. If this product does do well Microsoft will end up buying it out anyway. Like i said i think it is a great idea, but I wouldn’t buy one. At least with Mac or Windows you know what you are getting. I would wait until they got more popular and you can accually see what they can do before you buy.


I agree with Noneya, I showed my parents but they said no way. Its still way cool though but way to expensive.


If you ask me, its just another gizmo coming out just in time for christmas so that every teen can pressure their parents into getting them one. With all the holiday pressure and all…


Where can I get one and how much will it cost including everything like the cell and stuff?

who moved my cheese?

I think that the computer is super nifty, but I’m somewhat concerned about the price. I’m a bargain hunter, but I’m also very gadget oriented, so, you can imagine my predicament! I’m just wondering if there’s a discount or if there’s some way I could get it cheaper?


They were asking about the notebook computer which still says “coming soon” on their web site with no further information.


The website does state the prices you have to go to the “buy it ” button to see the prices. The website does not say coming soon because it has all of the information on the computer.It even has an demo!


Their web site just states “coming soon” with no specs nor information about pricing.


What are the specs of the notebook and how much does it cost?


Sorry for the bad news but it cost $1,699 for the basics of the computer(screen, keyboard,etc ), but it cost extra to get the things that make the computer cool( speaker, cell phone,etc.)check at http://www.hip-e.com to see for yourselves.

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