Verizon EV-DO in Manhattan?

Anan points to a post about Verizon Wireless 1xEV-DO antenna that works in Manhattan. He picked up some clues on agent Robert Kim’s according to Robert’s latest Weblog posting. Robert writes, “when you go to the Triborough area and get over a Gig/Sec reception… Yes… thats right.. you heard it here first… now bear in mind… (for Verizon legal team) I am only starting a rumor. This entire email is purely fictional. (Also for Verizon Legal Team) And is just wishful thinking.” Alan says, “It seems as if Robert would like to say there is but is trying to be cagey so as not to upset Verizon. Is there anyone in New York who can confirm or deny whether 1xEV-DO is operating there?”


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