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SBC and Sprint announced a Wi-Fi roaming agreement, which covers 2,300 SBC “hot spots” and five for Sprint. This is the latest of many deals which at the very least provide coverage, for corporate users. As one analyst says, Wi-Fi is a nice buzz-word, but still not a major revenue generator, at least for the two companies in this case. Sprint has about 3,000 wi-fi hot spots available, chiefly through roaming agreements, including a reciprocal agreement with AT&T Wireless. The arrangement with SBC adds 2,300 more wi-fi hot spots, and the company plans close to 5,000 more by year’s end, Wichita Eagle adds.

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Andy Abramson

I was in Kansas City Airport last week, which for some funy twisted reason has the symbol MCI, anyway, I used the $9.95 a day service as I had a layover of almost 90 minutes.

The service was fast, but I could hardly believe the speeds. Rocket fast from Sprint. But I wish as a Sprint EVDO card customer I could have logged on for a reduced rate.

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