Linux to go

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LaCie released a 40 GB mobile hard drive that plugs into any computer’s USB port. What makes this newsworthy is the $219 device comes with Mandrakelinux 10.0 preinstalled on it. Simply plug this drive into any computer and you have an instant Linux system ready to go. The aptly named Globetrotter has OpenOffice, Evolution, and KDE Kontact preinstalled making for a complete Linux system in a tiny box. No word yet on exactly how small the Globetrotter is but I suspect it’s very small. At this low price it’s almost worth getting one just to check it out when it begins shipping at the end of August. Thanks to CNET for this heads-up.

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Its not in a tiny box. You still have to have a computer machine to run it. It’s just an external harddrive that can be booted. No need to add any flashy names to it. This is nothing new. External harddrives have existed for sometime now. I have also seen them much less expensive. The inflated price, it seems, is just a surcharge for loading linux on to a device. Any idiot noob could do it.

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