My 15 minutes of infamy

The hubbub around Technorati story caught me by surprise this week to stay the least. After all like all reporters I pick up the phone, and dail-for-news. Basically following tips with legwork. Sometimes it pans out, and most of the time I strike out. Still, the news spread like wildfire through the blogsphere, and well generated unexpected press coverage. Matt Marshall over at San Jose Mercury News called me “tech-pundit.” Thanks Matt, but I ain’t no pundit. Never will be! Reporter, who is pretty thrilled with his full time gig at Business 2.0. Many email and asked, dude… when are you going to go pro?” I replied, guys I am a pro – a professional reporter who is also a blogger. That arrangement works quite well for me. As Andy Warhol said, everyone on this planet has their 15 minutes of fame. Thanks for writing and sending your comments., Real story is David Sifry, and his team. I just reported it. Anyway I have linked to some press clippings in case you folks were interested:


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