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Daily Music Wrap: August 26, 2004

Roundup of digital music related stories…

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Startup music publisher gets $72M: UK’s Stage Three Music raises £40 million ($72 million) to buy song rights…

Music Industry Sues 744 More for File Sharing

Justice Dept. probes for pirates: The Justice Department launched a federal criminal probe of piracy, searching five homes and an ISP in three states

Contest of Formats: The race of audio formats is advanced, while the race for interoperability of protected formats is just about to start…

Hey, kids. It’s cool to pay for music: Universities are pushing legal online music services, but that doesn’t mean students will buy in

— Possibility that the portable music player may be upgraded with wireless connectivity.

China Telecom And Rock Record Launch Music Download Service

French lawsuit challenges anti-piracy technology: The lawsuit accuses EMI and Fnac of “deception over the material qualities of a product.”

New CARP Due