Whiny Unhappy Bellheads


Why do bellheads always come across as whiny bitchy unhappy people? I mean FCC has given them their cake, and a new sterling silver set, but they still got to complain. Take for example, Lawrence Babbio, Verizon’s vice chairman and president at a conference in Aspen remarked, “The FCC hasn’t done their job for the last eight years.” Which is why they have not rolled out high speed fiber to the home connections in the northeast. But I thought FCC gave them exclusive control over all those new lines. What’s the bitching about? Have they not been getting billions in subsidies for broken promises over first ISDN and then FTTH. Never mind! “While the FCC did agree to not apply the unbundling regulations to new fiber in a decision last summer under one section of the communications act, perhaps the new fiber nevertheless would have to be unbundled under a different section of the communications act,” said Randolph May, a senior fellow at the Progress & Freedom Foundation. Now how did I know why he would say that? Well because his organization is a shill for Bells and other large phone companies. Including Verizon! But wait, there is more whining! Qwest and Verizon are complaining that FCC would hold the line sharing in place for another six months, while it works out an alternative plan. Now we know FCC is no paragon of efficency but people, we are talking about killing Ma Bell and all competition here. The faster we do it, the faster we can start gouging Americans.

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