VoIPDaily, revived

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After being comatose for nearly two months, VoIPDaily.com has been revived, thanks to some magical new cures and hard work. Actually the recent barrage of VoIP related news, and some gentle persuasion from a guy who has become a great friend, I have reactivated the site. I guess VoIP related news has been taking over the main blog, and I have been missing out on writing stuff about other broadband applications and the networks. Jon is going to be helping out on VoIPDaily! If you would like to subscribe the feed, here is a link to RSS or if you fancy Atom. In case you want to skip going to VoIPDaily homepage, the headlines are there for clicking in the right hand menu. Just whatever you do, just send us some good vibes.

1 Comment

Andy Abramson

Welcome back my friend, to the show that never ends…..come inside, the shows about to start. Guranteed to blow your phone apart….

So I took a little licenses. Glad you’re blogging about VoIP again, maybe now I can get some sleep and know the telecom news is in safe hands….

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