E-Terror and Internet meltdown


EWeek is reporting about a coordinated online strike against Internet servers by terrorists. Dubbed “electronic jihad, there is a good chance that it could happen sometime this week, perhaps on Thursday, according to some security experts. Lately there have been some consistent attacks on primary Internet services and the unraveling of major encryption routines are raising concerns in the Internet operator community. With all the yellow and orange alerts, e-terror is more of a clear and present danger for US. No nation on the planet is more dependent on its e-infrastructure than US. From banking to shopping, to ATMs, a lot of our machines are connected. One man worries that with too much reliance on one company’s gear could be a problem. “After Cisco [Systems Inc.]’s code was leaked, their fix was to throw MD5 hashes at it,” Bill Woodcock, research director with the nonprofit Internet routing education group Packet Clearing House said. “How much longer is that going to work?”

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