Pentax Optio X- tiny package, big on features


pentax_optioxfb-001pentax_optiox-001The Pentax Optio X is a five megapixel camera with a swivel lens design that looks like a real winner. Sporting a 36 – 107 mm lens (equivalent) on a unique rotating base, the Optio has a two piece design that lets you swivel both the LCD and the lens independently for maximum flexibility. At only 18 mm thick, the Optio is one of the smallest cameras to offer so much versatility. With 14 MB of memory onboard the Optio, you will definitely need extra memory in the form of SD/MMC cards. You can shoot in JPEG format for stills and MOV video, and the Optio also functions as a webcam for your PC or laptop (requires Windows Messenger and Windows XP SP1 or later). 4X digital zoom lets you get up close and personal to your subject for those long shots. The Optio comes with a cradle for charging and connecting to your PC, and has basic video editing capabilities built into the camera. All in all this looks like a very nice camera. No word on pricing was given by Pentax in their announcement. You can find complete specs and info on dpreview.

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