Moto, its Tata Tele on the line


EXCLUSIVE: Motorola’s turnaround efforts might be getting a helping hand from India. The company is said to be helping rapidly build and grow Tata Telecom’s wireless networks in India. Tata uses CDMA technology to provide wireless, and local services in most of India. The company also owns VSNL, the largest long distance company in India. Tata is also in the running for Tyco’s Global Network, a news exclusively reported here at GigaOM a couple of months ago. Aman Kapoor, a principal with San Francisco-based research firm Packetology says that Tata has outsourced a chunk of its wireless network build-out to Motorola. For Moto, that has to be good news. Nokia and Nortel are two companies that have hogged all the attention in recent times. The two companies got contracts worth $862 million from various operators. India despite recent slowdown has proved to one of the fastest growing wireless markets on the planet. As a side note, apparently a large number of RF engineers from Reliance Infocom – a fierce competitor with Tata – might have defected to Motorola and are helping out with Tata’s networks.



I really enjoy reading your blogs…
anyway, back to the story
Nokia and Nortel received the $862 mil order from BSNL(State/Govt. of India run network) for a GSM network.
Getting back to the Tata story,
Tata Telecom has recently begun a massive expansion in several telecom ‘circles'(Indian telecom lingo for ‘markets’). However, they are a distant second to Reliance Infocomm when it comes to market share in the existing Indian mobile market.

Also, they do not seem to be targetting the end-consumer, but have a business-centric approach. They also just launched a PTT like service using Kyocera mobile phones. Looks like they might have a business model like Nextel.

So, I do not know if Motorola has scored a ‘big’ win with Tata’s – certainly there was no mention of a value of the contract with Tata. This leads me to believe that it might have been small.
However, any contract, small or big is a plus in this rapidly expanding market.

Also, I would be curious to know the source of your information regarding RF engineers defecting from the Reliance camp to Motorola.

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