First virtual keyboard appears?


itek_vkbI’m not going to rip iBIZ for their debacle handling the Virtual Keyboard as I’ve done that enough recently. You remember their laser keyboard that isn’t? The keyboard that went from now shipping to waiting for US laser regulation approval to we’re suing our supplier because we don’t even have a prototype? Now you remember.It looks like they delayed long enough for a competitor to release a similar product that also projects a virtual keyboard onto a flat surface via laser. Called simply the Virtual Keyboard (VKB) the keyboard is compatible with the XDA I & II, a couple of Palms, two iPAQ models, and “Laptops/ Desktops via a serial connection”, whatever that means. The VKB is only available in mainland Britain at the present time and will set you back GBP 99.95.


Raphael Salgado

I suppose I was just going for the WOW factor again. (Must stop doing that!) I guess I’ll just go for one of those flexible, allegedly indestructible USB keyboards for up to $40 at CompUSA.


I suspect they only sell in Britain because they don’t have US laser certification. If that’s true I don’t think you could get one here if you tried. I’ve been sceptical of how well these KBs will work for touch typists anyway. There’s zero tactile feedback and you’d have to keep looking at the keys to make sure you are properly positioned over the home keys. Remember you won’t have little bumps on the home keys to guide you.

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