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Daily Music Wrap: August 23, 2004

Covers the last few days of last week…

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Online Music Revolution: A Report: has a special series of stories on online music, with format incompatibility, indie-boom online, and online music promotions among the topics covered…

Grokster Wins Big in 9th Circuit: Roundup

Music Mogul Davis Challenges Retailers: Make offline shopping more fun, or cede to digital players…

Music download suits slowly go to court: Legal campaign is inching through the federal courts, producing some unexpected twists

RealNetworks Doesn’t Rock: Real may be correct in principle, but that doesn’t trump Apple’s right to tell Glaser, Real and all Harmony users to go jump in the lake.

The Apple of forbidden knowledge: Competition is good, and competition will often require interoperability

Vandy signs deal with Napster: VUmix will begin Oct. 1…students can pay $16 to get an unlimited songs for the entire academic year

A Messy Melee in Music World: Legal downloads still aren’t nearly as consumer-friendly, and it’s because of differences among the middlemen selling them, not the record labels

Kazaa Owner Cheers File-Swapping Decision: Legislation is not the answer, commercialization of P2P is

On Campus, iTunes Finds an Illicit Groove: College students use iTunes to share stored music with classmates