08/23/2004 Broadband Daily


  • Plainfield and Marshfield are two tiny towns in Vermont, most don’t even know exist. And now thanks to some opportunistic chutzpah, a local ISP, Wireless Revolution will use a wireless network to sell broadband to locals in those towns. The service goes live on September 15. It is a clear sign that the large incumbents are ignoring these tiny hamlets, even though consumers want high speed access. I think for smart entrepreneurs this is a big opportunity to tap into.
  • Telstra, the incumbent phone company in Australia will start selling VoIP to its DSL customers in March next year. No pricing details, or other information is available but still it is a good sign to see the VoIP spread around the world. [Gadget Lounge]
  • Forbes came out with its annual e_gang issue. Interesting list, though not as high profile as Forbes’ previous lists. On deck are Flarion’s Rajiv Laroia, Michael Cassidy of Xfire, Blake Krikorian of Sling Media, and a bunch of others.
  • Rural marketing 101: Aero Computing which is planning to offer a VoIP service in tiny town of Freeport, Illinois, will have a booth at the Stephenson County Fair this week to show off the technology. “This brings Freeport into a different technology realm,” Aero President Tom Rutter said. “Freeport will be way ahead of other rural markets and we can take it anywhere broadband is available. Aero wants to be the phone provider of choice in northwest Illinois.”

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