Small businesses love VoIP

Sandy Wormington, owner of the Kennewick-based Just Roses chain of flower stores, recently signed up for a voice over Internet protocol telephone service in his home. And his business has never been the same since he coughed up $55 installation charge. He pays $20 a month, and expects to save $100 a month on the long distance calls placed to his Just Roses stores across Washington and Idaho. The article in Tri City Herald is a great round-up of the VoIP sector, and its evolution. It also introduces us to a couple of small players like Cline Communications and Champion Communications, who are taking on the giants in the hinterlands with their VoIP offerings. “I would think anyone with a multiple-location business would be looking at this,” Wormington told Tri-City Herald. More than the loss of consumers, incumbent phone companies should be worried about the loss of TDM voice revenues from these small and medium sized businesses.


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