Rise of the Dormitory CEO


Michael Dell may not be much loved in Silicon Valley for his super-efficient model and promoting the concept of Moore’s Claw, but he is clearly inspiring a generation of dormitory entrepreneurs. Associated Press chronicles the start-up experiences of college students who have started their own businesses. Lance Larson who graduated from San Diego State University started OC Hosting while attending college, and now does about a million dollars in revenues. There is Anthony Casalena, a senior at the Univeristy of Maryland, runs SquareSpace.com, a hosted blogging service, which I have tried and found more snappy and easy to use than other programs. “School work is not nine to five — you can kind of push it around,” said Casalena. The article while inspiring misses to highlight the key trends that have helped these young stars establish their business. The Internet as a distribution channel is new way of doing things, and gives even the smallest guy an even playing field. Or how about instant markets from all the new platforms that are cropping up – wireless phones, PDAs and home networks for example.

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