Guangdong, the new VoIP nation

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Guangdong, a fast growing province of China is gearing up to become an important sourcing base for a myriad of VoIP products. The region is home to more than 50 manufacturers who are churning out VoIP products in China. (Other VoIP manufacturing bases in China are around Shanghai and Beijing!) One of the mainstays of the region is ZTE Corp., a name many Americans are familiar with. A large portion of the equipment is meant for export, but seems like a lot of Chinese companies and consumers are buying up VoIP gear. Growth of broadband in China is one of the reason for growing popularity of VoIP in CHina.

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Andrew Batchelor

Pretty much everything electronic is being produced in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region. Even capital intensive technology products like chips and LCD manufacture are moving across from higher cost economies like Japan and Taiwan.

The Delta has been the fastest growing part, of the fastest growing province, in the fastest growing large economy in the world.
Some quick facts on the PRD (2003 figures I think):
3.3% of China’Äôs population yet 8.7% of GDP
24.6 % of China’Äôs FDI
34.1% of China’Äôs exports

Despite yoy record gains the PRD has huge potential growth. Its an exciting place for investment and a key focus of China Private Equity –“.

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