Do No Evil, or Do Evil


Update: type feedster or blinkx and they are back in Google. Type, or they are still missing. Google it seems celebrated the search by this quirky move.

It appears that someone at Google manually pulled the Feedster home page out of their index. I got a couple emails telling me that it was so and verified it for myself (see screenshot). It could be jealousy, but I really doubt it. Are they doing this to other search startups or just us?

A quick check revealed similar problems for I guess they are doing this to start-ups which worry them. No problems finding Anyway look into this guys, and let me know which other search start-ups are missing from Google.


Scott Rafer

It’s only our homepages that were ever pulled out — you know the ones with the highest PageRank and the ones the new users understand the easiest.


Maybe the full line is “Do No Evil, unless, naturally it’s better for our now public company to act in its best interest and try to quash any competitor that will be in either direct or indirect competition with us. Then, it’s all kewl.”

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