Yet another Skype Clone

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Bonusfon of Union City, Califronia has released BuzzfonP2P, a free soft phone that makes clear pc to pc calls possible without the choppiness, echoes or the high static sounds. It’s so easy to use, no configuration necessary, Buzzfon p2p will traverse most NATs and firewalls, the company claims and adds, that it promises to uphold the “no spyware installed” regulation. Bonusfon, a broadband VoIP service provider will be launching “BuzzfonP2P” through and will be competing with I guess Skype, amongst others. (PC owners, try and let me know. It does not work on Mac!)

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nordic beauty

Well, I think Buzzfonp2p is quite different from Skype…although I think skype is a good software it really does take a lot of pc memory..what with the kazaa events..and from talks I have with Buzzfon live service representatives buzzfonp2p is pure voice and no data..meaning clearer calls even on dialup…so…but that’s my experience plus….the live customer service is fantastic..!

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