T-Mobile Sidekick II Review: Best Phone I’ll Never Buy proclaims Gizmodo-zilla Joel Johnson “I think it’s probably one of the best mobile devices I’ve ever used. And I can say, with total conviction, that I will never, ever purchase one and neither should you. In fact, after the experiences I’ve had today with T-Mobile, I’m not sure I can ever recommend one of their products again,” he writes. Well since only he and Paris Hilton have managed to use the Sidekick II (hopefully for different reasons), I am going to take his word for it. (Dude switching from T-Mobile is a good idea, even though some “quality” experts say T-Mobile is the best!) Anyway I think there are bigger problems with the product. The comments on the original Sidekick II post show a predominately negative feeling for this new device. I suspect much of it is due to the pathetic T-Mobile network.



I’ve used tmobile in Detroit, atlanta and in birmingham. Ive got to say not only the voice service, but i got excelent gprs coverage!!! That too unlimited for $5/mth. (free untill a week back) I even went on road trip from atlanta to columbus and has gprs all the way and could surf on my laptop all the way.
Tmobile rocks.

Jon Gales

I do well with T-Mobile here in Tampa. The data plans are great, been a customer for 20 months or so (I’m month to month now).

Rick Gregory

Everything’s local Om. I get great T-Moble reception in Seattle. And, funnily enough, a friend of mine who was in town kept dropping off – using Verizon.

IN fact I switched from ATT Wireless, which could not even get me a signal in my 21st floor condo. Oddly I even had good luck in the Bay Area where many people curse the T-Mobile name… Until I bought my SOny T610, which refuses to detect Cingular… I love mobile communications.

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