How to get your Blackberry to play cute with a Mac.

If there was one thing I often yearned for was a way to make BlackBerry work with a Mac. That was the only reason I envied people who had Windows PC machines. No longer, for one email from Tim Googin made my day. Tim’s company, Packet Mac has just released a piece of software that allows you to sync your Mac data with your Blackberry. While I have not tested the product as yet, Tim tells me that you can sync Entourage PIM, ICal, Address Book and Now Contact software with Blackberry now. So what about Email syncing? Well we can get everything we want in our life, can we. Anyway this is a great start and I am pretty excited about the release of this software. And given all the good work Tim’s peeps have done with making Pocket PC devices play nice with Mac, I am sure this is going to be a good experience. There is a demo version available.