08/18/2004 Randomly Speaking


  • Pete Rojas’ favorite IPOD headphones
  • Engadget’s guide to Olympics for digitally enabled
  • Bubble Generation and others have promoted this idea which at first blush sounds like infomercials to me, except in reverse. Still will wait and see how it turns out.
  • SBC is tussling with North American Numbering Plan Administration over the supply of phone numbers. News.com writes “Without an unfettered supply of phone numbers from NANPA, SBC IP argues, it and other carriers’ rollouts of Net phone service will be hampered. NANPA is the organization that maintains the comprehensive telephone-numbering plan for the United States, its territories, Canada and the Caribbean.”
  • Route Stuff: Dell’Oro Group says that the worldwide router market declined by 2 percent, following five straight quarters of revenue growth. Although the overall service provider market was flat for 2Q04, revenues from the highest performance routers grew impressively, increasing by 13% quarter over quarter. Biggest winner in the 10 GB/s router market was Cisco, followed by Juniper and Avici.

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