Titan of Tech: Scott Kriens

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Business 2.0: I did a long Q&A with Juniper Networks’ chief executive Scott Kriens about his company, his decision to buy NetScreen Technologies, and the future of broadband. Why Scott? Well you have read oodles of coverage about Cisco and its new router, CRS-1 in every major magazine – from Fortune, Forbes to Business Week. I did a Cisco story about eight months ago, and it talked about CRS-1 which is known as “huge f**king router” on da street. Juniper has held its own, boosted sales and has painted a rosy future. “It’s sunny here in a partly cloudy industry,” Kirens told me. You can read the whole interview, which is free of Cisco bashing, and at the same time addresses questions like Huawei and their impact on the networking equipment business. Interview is sans all geek-talk like ports, and linespeeds.
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Can’t read the article, I guess it’s only for subscribers.

I have a lot of respect for Juniper products. They are very good, but often get overshadowed by Cisco’s big brand. Their VPN portfolio is pretty good, and Netscreen makes really really fast hardware accelerated VPN switches, so it looks like a good fit.

And before the CRS-1, Juniper had the biggest optical router on the street. rated at 320Gbps, it was codenamed the “Gibson”. Cisco actually publicly mocked Juniper for selling a device with so much throughput.

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