SF, the new gossip town…or not


Sometimes, I just wish, San Francisco would stop trying. To be New York. Chris Nolan has a nice big blog post on the celebrity culture, the launch of SFist and well other so called gossip publications. Here is my observation: most of the gossip in this town revloves around some really unkown trustafraians, that annoying comedian who makes SF home, a once great director more interested in wines than in movies, and a bunch of wannabe writers. As for the glam factor – it is essentially blue-eyed, blonde haired crowd, those one does find occasional mention of the Asian cuties who prefer Anglo Saxons. Nolan says Nick & his gang would come to San Francisco. To that I say no f***ing way. Nick is truly not fond of this city, and the market is just too small and well why look back. (Here is what he said: Imagine New York, before Rudy Giuliani took office, except more corrupt and lethargic. Culturally, the city is still eating out on its reputation as home to Beat writers such as Allen Ginsburg. That was nearly fifty years ago now. In the meantime, San Francisco has produced Danielle Steel, and that is about it. Of the wilder writers I know, most have moved down to Los Angeles, which is warmer and cheaper and, believe it or not, culturally far more vibrant.) SF is just a terrible gossip town; even the restaurants tend to disappoint especially after you read glowing reviews in SF Chronicle. Psss. did you know that The Chronicle is planning a new kind of food venture to retain a handful of readers. How is that for gossip! (Ed Note: broadband minded folks, apologies for this long SF rant!)

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