Selling VoIP through Wireless Stores


A little while ago, I did a cover story for Business 2.0, Do this Get Rich. One of the business ideas we proposed was a “broadband store.” Well no one has stepped up to the plate as yet, but looks like people are figuring out that when it comes to selling VoIP phone services, retail oultets are the way to go. Vonage stuck up a deal with Circuit City, while Packet 8 has teamed up with CompUSA. Some of the smaller ones are tying up with cellular phone retail chains. Packet8 aka 8×8 signed a deal with Premiere Wireless Solutions, an Atlanta and Gulf Coast Nextel rep firm that operates 10 retail outlets. Broadband Edge reports that “StarNet, another VOIP provider, said it had made a deal with Small World Communications, a cellular agent with 11 outlets in the Kansas City area.” VoiceGlo is selling through FTS Wireless.

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