Portable audio from Turtle Beach


audio_advantage_microThe folks at Turtle Beach have always had innovative audio products for the desktop and now they’ve released a USB audio solution for laptops. The Audio Advantage Micro runs for $30 and is a tiny USB audio card that provides simulated 3D audio effects with games and simulated 5.1 sound through headphones and powered speakers that hook up through a regular headphone jack. You can also connect a TOSLINK digital audio cable for hooking up to your home stereo equipment. The Micro is easily portable since it’s about the size of your thumb and sounds like the perfect way to get simulated surround sound and increased audio perfomance out of any laptop or UPC.



I would recommend one of the noise cancelling headsets recommended by either Dragon or IBM ViaVoice. They are good for everything including voice recognition to regular mic work.

Raphael Salgado

Not a bad little device. Too bad it’s only all output. For us Sony U70 users, I would appreciate a USB microphone that looks just like that, if not a little smaller. Think anyone makes one?

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