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Daily Music Wrap: August 18, 2004

In case you missed it earlier, I’ve started lumping digital music related news in a daily wrap-up post…

(Well, you requested it, so here it is…an RSS newsfeed solely for “digital music“…Subscribe to the news feed: )

Wireless Music: Markets That Won’t Go “Pop”

Ringback Tones: What European Operators Can Really Expect

Mobile Music Downloads: Too Early, Yet Too Late

Brilliant Digital’s Losses Increase: At $2.2 million for Q2…

Will the iPod go the way of the Mac?: From market leader to niche product?

Audiomotive: Your Car, Your Music: An in-depth look at car audio options, from iPod adapters to built-in automobile hard drives

BMI’s New Media Revs Up 70%: New media revenues were up 70%, including licensing more than 100 new mobile music-content companies for ringtones and other services.