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Teleflip ’em off

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Need to send a text message to someone but don’t know their phone’s email address, or even what carrier they’re using? Don’t fret- teleflip it.Teleflip is a free service that let’s you send text messages from your PC to anyone’s cell phone, even when all you know about the recipient is their phone number. You can check it out at the Teleflip web site but it couldn’t be simpler to use.Just send an email message to:[email protected] there will soon be a text message appearing on the target cell phone. This is also a great way to have someone send you a message when you’re not in your office and need some information delivered to your cell phone. Neither party has to sign up to use the service. Try it now- send yourself an email to your phone and see how it works. The service is in beta but has worked OK for me.

2 Responses to “Teleflip ’em off”

  1. I tried it a number of times to my Verizon phone and it works fine. My wife (also with Verizon) doesn’t get them at all so I think it must be a service plan related thing. It’s really cool when it works.

  2. Have you tried this? Does it work? I’ve tried sending my cell phone several times over the course of a week and I haven’t received any of them. I can send regular SMS messages, so I’m sure my phone can receive messages, but not through the TeleFlip service.