My favorite programs for the Sony U-70


art_rageI have been running the Sony U-70 long enough now that I am very comfortable with the software arsenal I am using on a regular basis. Every program displays well on the small screen of the Sony and interaction with the pen is very nice. There are some programs that many people already use, some that you may not have heard of, and some that will only work on a pen enabled device. Have a look at the screen shots in the photo album linked below where you’ll see one or more images for each program and a description of what the program does. I did not include links for the programs as they all can be easily found via Google or some other search tool. I’m very interested in hearing of other programs you might be using on your WinXP mobile device. Can never have enough stuff. :) Note that these programs will run on any WinXP computer or Tablet PC and are not restricted to just the Sony (if I don’t put that I’ll get a bunch of emails asking that very question).On to the favorite program list!



I really can’t afford this, however I can stop myself from spending money of uber gadgets like this.

Thanks for making my more broke:)


To tell the truth, I never use my laptops for eBooks (as, in the past, the screens would strain my eyes.) At the moment, I use qpdf on the Zaurus for reading pdfs, as the C860 still has one of the nices screens to read on that I’ve ever encountered.

The U, with its transflective screen, might work nice as well. I’ll install Acrobat and tell you what I think. (I’m not a big fan of it as-is either.)


Do you use Acrobat for ebook reading? I have never felt comfortable using it for ebooks but maybe I’m not setting it up optimally.


Just as an add-on:

Most Adobe apps seem to work fairly seamlessly on the U as well. Photoshop does a good, hearty job of course, but the U seems to hold its own with more intense apps like Premiere as well. Surprising and welcome.

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