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Daily Music Wrap: August 16, 2004

This is for the last three days of last week, since I was on a break…just in case you missed it earlier, I’ve started lumping digital music related news in a daily wrap-up post…

Warner’s tryst with bloggers hits a sour note: It’s experiment with MP3 blogs goes awry…

Altnet teams with new indie labels for P2P: P2P service Altnet has new deals with six additional labels

Napster performs for the troops: Brings music service to military via the Army and Air Force Exchange Service’s

Rising share for download sites: CD sites slipping, though still ahead in visitors

Rhapsody tunes up Olympics: Rhapsody’s tunes for Olympics…playlists etc…

iTunes wireless music streaming cracked: Jon Johansen strikes again…

Music industry backs download pop singles chart: In UK, BPI is now hoping that the new chart could reinvigorate the pop market

P2P piracy figures for Year 2003

Digital 5 Partners With Gracenote: Better music management functionality in the networked home

Creative’s Battle For The Comeback: Singapore-based Creative is finally ratcheting up its marketing budget

Stelios reveals all about new service: Stelios Haji-Ioannou gave details about his forthcoming download service in UK

As a Business Gets Bigger, Its Radios Get Smaller: Sat radio companies selling smaller after-market receivers with a range of new capabilities

Yahoo’s music site seeks ad dollars: In Australia, that is