VoIP could save Cali Millions


California state, in an effort to cut costs and save dollars should turn to open source software and use VoIP services. This according to a body of independent auditors who recently released a mammoth California Performance Review. “If all of these recommendations are implemented, they have the potential to save more than $32 billion over the next five years,” the directors of the group of appointees told California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in an letter introducing the report. Moving to VoIP would cut phone bills by between $20 to $75 million a year, while open source software could cut costs by about $300,000 per state project, the report says. California, and other states should seriously contemplate VoIP as a “telephony” option, given that most bureaucrats do nothing but “gab” all the time, if not with each other, then with the media.



You know i still give the audit committee credit for being open minded about this and offering VoIP as an option. I am pretty sure, the same is going to happen across the board. Since money is tight, most states are going to be looking at this as an option.

Andy Abramson

What I find so funny, is that given how “wired” California is, that VoIP is not already in place in government. Really points out SBC’s political lobbying must have been at work at many levels, not only at the elected official level, but all the way down to the appointed and civil service staff.

Maybe some investigative reporter should look into this and play terminator.

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