Too much hype about Skype?

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Update: E-Commerce News has this fascinating comment from Steve Jurvetson, a managing partner at Venture Capital firm Draper Fisher Juvertson: “One day, we will look back and wonder why we ever paid for phone service, in the same way that we now look back and wonder why we ever paid for e-mail.” Steve is big on free; he even has a free blog on blogspot. Dude pay attention – this investment of yours, aka Skype, is looking to charge for its premium service. Which is nothing but a new kind of phone service. Just charging less does not mean not charging for cash. Anyway Jurvetson is all about funding companies which can be flipped quickly – either on the stock exchange, or to some sucker who is desperate enough to buy “internet cred” aka free mail service for $400 million. Why the strike through? Well I was informed that actually DFJ was not interested in selling Hotmail and were the last ones to sign-on. This from someone very close to that email deal I was talking about. I guess, I should done some research before writing that one. Blogs are self-correcting media, and I am doing what I preach – public mea-cupla. “Jurvetson and other investors see Skype as a massive multibillion-dollar business ultimately and hope it will be the next big tech IPO after search-engine Google goes public this month,” the article concludes. Steve it seems was incorrectly “paraphrased” at the conclusion of the article.

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Andy Abramson

When I saw this story move over the net I half thought about blogging it, simply to say what a wolf in sheeps clothing this was.

Then I decided to wait for YOUR comments. Now I’ll blog it, for you nailed it. The rooster is in the hen house may be an even better angle.

History always repeats. I guess Skype will get a story in the reconsituted Penthouse (once they exit Chapter 11) like Google got in Playboy…the only difference is Penthouse always exposed more !

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