Truckee, soon to be fiber enabled


Earlier this year, I had visited Truckee, a ski hamlet up in the Sierras. A beautiful little town, it was also one of the few rural communities making an attempt to fiber enable itself. When I came back, I wrote a column about it.

Long ignored by cable and phone companies, which focus their resources on lucrative urban centers, Truckee (population: 10,000) and at least 40 other small rural communities like it are in the process of building their own fiber-to-the-home infrastructures. (The biggest such project is the $450 million Utopia project that is wiring a network of small towns throughout Utah.)

Anyway now comes word, that most of the matters including legal and legislative have been laid to rest and Truckee can go ahead for its amazing fiber makeover. The local cable company, obviously does not like the idea, but the residents feel that it is the best foot forward for the tiny community. At this point, the future of the district’s broadband plan rests in the hands of the district’s board of directors who may give the final go-ahead to the plan as soon as their next scheduled board meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 18, reports the local daily.

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