Curious case of CRS-One


This morning, while going through an uncharacteristically bullish report on Cisco by FBR analyst Susan Kalla. She points out this was the quarter of jolly for the router giant and the company just took market share out of every competitor including Juniper. She points out, “Cisco’s service-provider growth was 15% sequentially, versus JNPR’s 10% growth sequentially. Routers for Cisco grew 12% sequentially, which showed a turnaround compared with a 5% sequential decline in fiscal 3Q04. Cisco recorded revenues from two accounts for its Huge Fast Router (CRS-1 which has 40 Gbt interfaces), but the revenue contribution was limited because of front-end-loaded discounts.” Question: Has CRS-One started shipping already? So two customers – i am assuming one is Sprint because they were jumping up and down the stage like a rally monkey when CRS-One was announced. But who is the other one, and has the product been working? How come Cisco did not put a press release about it?


Andy Abramson

Om, I used the line about real customers the other day when a Wired reporter was interviewing me about VoIP.

“Paying customers” was what I called it. I think Cisco had at one time a lot of customers who were getting the equipment, but getting paid was another story…


customer testamonials is one thing, but real customers with revenues – well that’s news. and i was wondering if there was any news on that. not too sure about that. maybe it is misreporting by the analyst.

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