Da Napster Dis


You guys thought I was mean, wait till you read what others have to say about the dumbest moment in corporate history circa 2004. Rafat complied these over at PaidContent.org:

  • Fool.com: “I can already see Napster in an upcoming episode of VH-1’s ‘Bands Reunited.’ Its money and prospects squandered, it would be strumming away in front of an open guitar case, singing a song about how badly it misses Roxio.”
  • LA Times (reg. req.): The company has not disclosed specific numbers of subscribers, but its latest revenue figures suggested that it had no more than 150,000, which would put it fourth in that category at best. Napster and its competitors have attracted only a small fraction of the audience drawn by file-sharing networks, where millions make free but illegal copies of hit songs.
  • The Register: There is room to question the sanity of this decision. True enough, Roxio wasn’t that exciting as a consumer software company, but at least it had firm ground underneath it. The Napster music rental service seems a much more precarious concept than selling consumers useful software.

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