Blackberry roadmap revealed

Looks like Research in Motion aka RIM is getting pretty serious about its product portfolio. Legg Mason analyst Timm Bechter in a note this morning pointed out that the company will release several new devices over the next 4-5 months to update the product portfolio. While RIM has given few specifics, Bechter suggests that an update to the 7200 series device is coming with Bluetooth functionality in 3Q04 (September/October), while an EDGE-enabled device is due out in the 4Q04. Of course most people have heard about Charm, that looks and functions more like a traditional mobile phone and that eschews the traditional Blackberry keyboard design. One additional tidbit: Charm could feature a new OS from RIM. “We believe the company would like to have this device out in time for the critical holiday season as it looks to expand into the “prosumer” market,” Bechter writes. So what does that mean? Not good for Good, but great for RIM. “These new devices should help to increase device sales for RIM as Blackberries get the ability to use wireless headsets, interact with automobile hands-free systems (increasingly important given new driving laws) and achieve higher-speed data rates. The “Charm” will likely attract new buyers to the platform.”


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