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Daily Music Wrap: August 09, 2004

I’ve started lumping digital music related news in a daily wrap-up post, because the amount of posts in this category were getting out of control…

Record Industry Faces Duel Over New ‘DualDiscs’: Plans to sell new hybrid CD/DVDs have hit legal and licensing snags

Online music retailers winning market: Their market share has risen faster than that of any other music sales channel over the past five years

Musicians’ voice to be heard: What musicians think of file sharing, DRM, and copy protection

Choosing b/w Sony & Apple: It’s hard to commit…

Recording Artists Sound Digital Alarm: Recording artists’ groups are calling on FCC for protection as digital audio broadcasting

Apple and the legacy of Napster: Where does the user figure in this story? Good question–one that Apple can’t answer with a straight face.

Taking on the iPod: Creative Labs aims to get back its leadership position in MP3 players